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We offer a variety of the newest Contact Lenses with the latest and greatest technology to ensure a comfortable fit and crisp, clear vision.  Difficult prescription? Dry Eyes? Poor Comfort with your current Contact Lenses? No Problem!   We specialize in difficult to fit corneas, specialty lenses for Corneal Diseases such as Keratoconus, and Dry Eye!  Let us show you how comfortable contact lens wear can be!

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Custom and Medically Necessary Contact Lenses

Our exclusive partner for Custom Contact Lenses and specialized lens designs, Alden Optical, offers a great family of high performance, specialty, soft contact lenses and Scleral Lens Designs.  If you have a high prescription (astigmatism, hyperopia, or myopia), corneal disease, have tried or need gas permeable contact lenses to correct your vision, or are sick of wearing reading glasses, ask about these great lens options!

  • Astera Multifocal -- say goodbye to over the counter readers and hello to functional vision at all distances!
  • Alden HP -- high powered correction with excellent comfort, no gas permeable lens necessary!
  • NovaKone -- clear, stable vision with excellent comfort and ease of wear.  This lens is truly a breakthrough in Keratoconus and irregular cornea management.
  • ZenLens -- comfortable, scleral lens design
  • Alden HP Prosthetics and tinted lenses -- high quality, customized colored and prosthetic lenses to help with traumatic and congenital iris irregularities.